My Favorite Song

You haven't heard my favorite song. You might be thinking there is no way I could know that. You listen to all kinds of obscure records. You buy almost exclusively indie label albums. You keep up with all the buzz both the loud buzz like that around hit television shows and also the softer sounds that emanate from photocopied newsletters and small press zines. You frequently go to shows in tiny clubs and dive bars. You visit all the music message boards and check out almost every post. You have no musical prejudice, if Britney Spears was actually good you'd listen to her regardless of how cool or not cool it might be considered. You're just as likely to listen to listen to Leonard Cohen as you are Outcast.

If that's the case then I'm pissed because this band deserves more support than its been getting. Why haven't you bought their album? Why aren't you frequenting their awesome website? Why haven't you been telling your friends? Are you on the mailing list? If you had done all these things the guys in this band would be sitting pretty right now. They'd have quit their day jobs by now. They'd be fighting off the major label execs with a stick. I would not doubt that you've heard my favorite song. It would be one of your favorites too. You'd rush home to check your e-mail everyday just hoping to hear about a show near you.

The band that recorded my favorite song had their latest record release party just last week. It was at a small club in Somerville, Massachusetts. There were 40-50 people in attendance. After the show everyone wanted to buy their new CD. Their live show is amazing. It isn't that their instrumentation is so amazing (it is but that isn't the reason). It isn't that their antics are so amusing (they are but that isn't the reason either). In a word the Thungs are just fun. Gabe, the lead singer is two parts Prince, two parts Mick Jaggar. He doesn't say a whole lot. He doesn't introduce the songs. He doesn't do the comedian bit that so many guys try but can't really pull off. Instead he uses pure charisma to make you wish you knew the words. When you can't help but sing along you've realized the band has got something special. It's that point in a great show, when you forget where you are and lose track of time and space. The Thungs get you there every time. If you haven't seen the Thungs lately you haven't seen the Thungs.

After the show I had the privilege of selling CDs. Everyone I spoke to was sure they'd seen a great show and wanted to buy the CD. They wanted autographs. They wanted to buy their CD directly from Blake, the drummer, or Don Red, the guitarist. They screamed for the band to play another song. They wanted to ask Gabe what he had against Honus Wagner. They needed to warn Tommy how close he'd come to falling off the stage. They wondered if Shannon had hurt himself when he slammed against Gabe and played the rest of the song from his back. They wanted to question Alan about what they heard during Ninja Gaiden. Everyone was pumped after the show and yet, you weren't there.

My favorite song is called Such a Pretty Girl. I've loved it since the first moment I heard it. I know it's my favorite song because I can't stop listening to it. Back in the good ol' days I'd get captivated by a single track on a record all the time. I used to drive my little brother mad listening to the same 12-inch over and over while he tried to sleep. I'd get up in the morning with the song in my head. I wanted to hear that song in the morning before I went to school. I had it on tape so I could listen to it on the way to school and between classes. It's so much easier to be obsessed these days. You can take your entire music collection wherever you please. Hell, these days you're not even obligated to buy the album (but damn it you should!) to hear almost any track off almost any record over and over again.

What makes it my favorite song? I'm not sure. I almost never know. It might be the simple truths spoken in the lyrics or the captivating guitar rifts. Honestly, you'll have to hear it for yourself because I don't think I have the words. In their press release the Thungs refer to it as "an 80's power ballad revised for the 90's and performed in the 00's" but that doesn't convey the great feelings I have for this track. If I've peaked your curiosity even a little you should head to and buy BLALBLUM the latest release of the Thungs. You can hear dozens of tracks by the Thungs and other great bands on the site for free (absolutely nothing). Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on your perspective) Such a Pretty Girl isn't one of the tracks you can listen to for free. You'll have to pay up.