G-Mail Rocks

I love G-Mail. I've tried out dozens of free internet e-mails as well as various versions of outlook but none of them really compare. I get dozens of e-mails a day and I rarely wish to delete them, G-Mail makes deleting unnecessary. More times a day than you might believe I find myself looking for an old e-mail that had some small tidbit of information I need. The G-mail search function makes that a cinch. G-mail also offers the best functions of other e-mail services such as creating an alias, e-mail filters and labels all sorts of goodness that makes sorting your messages a snap. Check out this older lifehacker.com article (I really should write some raves about how great a site lifehacker.com has become) about the functions of G-mail.

I haven't fully utilized the G-Talk functions yet but it looks pretty promising. G-Talk is yet another internet alternative to the usual phone services. The instant messaging functions are cool but if I had one complaint it'd be that it requires you to keep a tab open to g-mail. That's hardly a huge problem these days but it is annoying at times.

Lifehacker.com has an article this morning about an expanded feature of the service. That being the ability to reply by chat to an e-mail. Pretty cool. Check it out.

If you’re a Gmail user who has chat turned on (i.e., standard with chat), you may have noticed the new “Reply by chat” link at the bottom of your emails from other Gmail users. When you use Reply by chat, your chat histories stay grouped with the email conversation as though they are regular emails, so it shouldn’t disrupt the conversation thread.

You can get G-mail by going here and following the simple instructions.