Superman Returns

I haven't seen a movie with my entire family since Cannonball Run. The last movie I saw with my mother was Footloose. I used to see movies with each of my two sisters but as they got older they lost interest in hanging out with their older brother. But my twin brother and I still make a point of seeing the important movies together. By important I don't necessarily mean the good movies. To be perfectly honest I'm not always a fan of the same movies my brother favors and I'm sure he isn't into all of mine either but where our tastes mix we try hard to stick together. I tend to favor the indie and cerebral films. My brother leans toward the big box office smash, the more horror, suspense or just plain action the better.

Superman Returns was one of our important movies. We saw the first one (Superman: the Movie) in 1978 on the day it opened. The movie theatre in our neighborhood had a line a quarter mile long. I remember distinctly growing impatient at the wait. We went to see the next two parts as well I'm assuming we went on opening day but the memory isn't as vivid as that first one. I'm sure you're curious about what else we consider important (because you find the first example so amusing).