I can't wait to hear the new Outcast album. Their last record was one of the few Hip-Hop Albums of the last decade that can stand up next to anything. Outcast should become as big as any artist since Michael Jackson was popular. I'll see the movie "Idlewild" as soon as I get the chance. I'm not expecting anything amazing but I always enjoyed Prince's movies and they weren't always amazing either.

Check out this story:

Ask Andre Benjamin of OutKast why the jazzy splendor of the 1930s became the inspiration for the group's new movie and CD and he answers in a word:


"People at the time just seemed a bit more classy in their dress, even if they didn't have much money," he says.

"The mentality of black people was so different back then," adds OutKast's other member, Big Boi (Antwan Patton). "People walked with their backs straight and their heads high. It was more adult. Nowadays, it's all about catering to the young generation. But, you know, you gotta grow up sometime."