On Demand: Wall Street - Money Never Sleeps

So I watched Wall Street II last night. Who the hell selected the music? The track during the opening credits was horrible (and it is repeated over and over during the movie), enough to make me want to fast forward through it. I didn't. But I thought about it. I guess Oliver Stone believes that a sequel to an eighties movie deserves an eighties soundtrack. Why else hire Brian Eno and David Byrne than an attempt to recall a previous decade?

The movie is okay. The story is weak. Shia LaBeouf plays Jake Moore and he loses his mentor when he steps in front of a moving train. I didn't really care, all he really did was grunt and grumble and get kissed on the head by LaBeouf's character after he receives a check for more than a million dollars. I would have kissed him too, it doesn't make him especially lovable.

The movie keeps you interested but the revenge storyline that develops after the mentor's death develops oddly and in fact LaBeouf seems to forget about it halfway through the film. Of course Gordon Gekko (Michael Douglas) says a lot of smart-sounding stuff and seems reformed in his ways as he seeks LaBeouf's help re-connecting with his daughter (also Moore's fiance, played by Carrie Mulligan , whose character refuses to wear the ring...) basically by lying to her.

The movie probably would have been better with Gekko being a more overt bed guy and Moore the obvious good guy. Instead we see lots of shades of gray. That may be the more realistic storyline but not the more entertaining one. The movie is worth watching On-Demand, especially if you've seen everything else. But much better if you go in not expecting much. Glad I could help.