A Twins Sequel in the Works?

When I read the sequel I sighed and hoped it wasn't what I thought it was. But after reading the brief article I was nearly on the floor laughing. It is completely ridiculous but somehow that's what makes it appealing.

From Bleeding Cool
Ivan Reitman has decided that he won’t direct, but he is producing, and looking for writers to develop, a sequel to his 1988 high-concept comedy, Twins. As per some twenty-odd years of jokes, the film is going to be called Triplets.

The Hollywood Reporter say that the big idea here is for the third, long-lost brother to be played by Eddie Murphy. How this will be explained, or more importantly, how this will be leveraged for laughs remains to be seen but it’s obviously a poster waiting to happen.

I propose that they shoot Quadruplets back-to-back with this one and get Uggie in before he passes away, bless him.