More on the Archaia/Boom Merger

Comic Book Resources has the first interview with both Ross Richie (BOOM! CEO and founder) and Jack Cummins (Archaia President) since the deal went down last week.

Cummins: Thank you, Ross. [Laughs] What's left to be said?! Our creators will be happy to know that we are true to the vision and quality but leverage the business platform of BOOM! We are confident BOOM! will add to our ability to deliver our mission providing great stories in a sophisticated fashion. In addition, we feel our combined management teams will be great in leading the industry in innovation and quality while working side-by-side with creators regardless of the brand or imprint. We will each contribute to each other's success as a single team. At Archaia, we have been looking at ways to slowly re-introduce serial comics on select titles as a way to introduce certain properties. In one of the first discussions Ross and I had, we had a great discussion of the pros and cons of hardcover graphic novels versus serial floppies. It shouldn't be dogmatic, and it shouldn't be exclusive. You have to evaluate titles on a case-by-case basis.

The guys at Hideous Energy have a podcast with Archaia Editor-in-Chief Stephen Christy. I've had a tough time listening to it but maybe your computer has better speakers than mine.