Free Comic From Matt Hawkins (Top Cow)

Matt Hawkins, publisher of Top Cow, writes;

Hello there, most of you know me in some capacity I’ve been in this business for 20+ years and certainly been involved in a lot of crazy things in that time. Last year I launched a book called Think Tank with my friend and artist Rahsan Ekedal. We’re both very passionate about the book, WE LOVE DOING IT! And I hope that enthusiasm for what we’re doing carries through to the final read.

I’ve been very straight up with everyone about this book, we’ll keep doing it if it finds a large enough audience to sustain it. We’ve committed through issue 20 at this point, which is 16 more than I thought we’d get to, but we’d both like to do the book for a long, long time.

Why am I writing this now? Because this week the second trade paperback of Think Tank is in stores along with the 2nd printing of the first one. I’m not too proud to ask for your help.

All: There’s no point buying something without sampling it first to make sure you like it. You can read the entire first issue for free here:

Retailers: The 2nd printing of Think Tank V1 (OCT120494) and Think Tank V2 (APR130479) are both available at Diamond. Think Tank #9 will be in stores in a few weeks and continues the story. You’re the most important link in the chain. I’ve met a lot of you over the years, I’ve never asked for a favor like this. I appreciate you and understand the hard work it takes to run a small business. If you’ve never read the book, please read the first issue and recommend it to the readers you think would like it.

Journalists: The reviews for Think Tank have all been positive for a year and I have you to thank for that. I appreciate your support thus far. Anything you can do to highlight the new trade release in the weeks to come would be greatly appreciated.

Readers: For those that read and support the book thank you! If you have NEVER tried the book, download the first issue free and check it out. What have you got to lose?

If you like the book all I ask is that you recommend it to a friend.

That’s it! Thanks for a great 20 years, I’m looking forward to the next 20.

Matt Hawkins
Writer/Co-Creator Think Tank